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Slurp Your Way into Summer with Put Local on Your Tray and Connecticut Dairy!

Spring is the perfect time to SOURCE, SERVE, and CELEBRATE  Strawberries, Greens, Milk and Yogurt! It’s also National Dairy Month!

We have the perfect recipe created by Hartford Public Schools, resources to source CT Grown product and fun materials to share with your students!

Participate in the Great Smoothie Slurp!

June is the month to feature a Kale Strawberry Smoothie! Taste Test a sample, serve for breakfast, make a menu extra! You decide how much you can serve and how to serve it.

  1. SIGN-UPs for materials will be posted on this page in May, and we will be sending out reminders to get yours before they're gone!

  2. SOURCE! Check out the recipe and order amount tool to figure out how much of a local product you would need. Use our Farm Directory or reach out directly for support in sourcing local.

  3. Share Your Slurp! Put it on your menu, and then share to social media with the hashtag #gettothebottomofit. Be sure to tag @putlocalonyourtray, @CTDairyfarms, and @NewEnglandDairy. And don't forget to give a shout out to your school at the end and show your school pride.

Stay Tuned!

Signs ups for materials will be posted HERE in May 2023!

Or download your own! Sticker | Activity Book (En Español)

Smoothie slurp activity book in spanish
I got to the bottom of it (or Lo Logre)

National Dairy Month!

June is National Dairy Month! Connecticut dairy farms have been supporting local schools for decades.  Dairy farms are the heartbeat of many communities, creating jobs, investing in the local economy, and supporting childhood health and education. Learn more about Connecticut’s dairy farm families and where to find fresh, local, delicious milk and dairy products at



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