In the Past: Many cultures consume milk and other dairy products around the world. While North American’s are most familiar with cow’s milk, many other animals are kept as dairy producers such as sheep, goats, donkeys, horses, oxen, buffalo, and reindeer. New England has a long history of dairy farming.

In the Kitchen: Milk can be made into many different products such as butter, cream, sour cream, yogurt, and cheese. Each of these has different properties and culinary uses.

In the Body: Milk, and all dairy is an excellent source of calcium. There are few other foods that provide as much calcium, and the perfect balance of phosphorous and potassium to help us absorb and utilize that calcium in our bodies.

In Connecticut: Dairy is produced year round in Connecticut. We have both cow and goat farms and you can find local milk, cheese, and ice-cream in many places around the state. Learn more about CT dairy farms here


School Blueberry Delight

School Fruity Flatbread Sunny Start Flatbread

Smoothie Recipe Booklet 2015

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