Put Local on Your Tray Team

Hard-working individuals devote a percentage of their professional time guiding and implementing our program. People step in and out of various roles depending on the availability of funding for initiatives and the seasonal nature of the work.

Together, we strive to connect schools to farms and farmers to schools.

Abby DuBois

Abby DuBois

Campaigns Coordinator

Abby brings a background in teaching, curriculum development, taste testing and cafeteria engagement.
Contact Abby, the Campaigns Coordinator, for assistance with the Put Local On Your Tray Pledge, to gain more information about Seasonal Campaigns (It's CRUNCH Time, ROOTing for Winter, etc.) and/or individual products (Berries, Carrots, etc.), and to order materials (stickers, posters, activity booklets, etc.) Are you looking to host a cafeteria taste test or feature a new product in your lunch line, but you aren't sure how to advertise the local product or you need extra hands to facilitate? Abby can assist you with the preparation for your event/product, and she can coordinate in-person Tray Team support the day of.
Zania Johnson

Zania Johnson


Zania will be working on a USDA Farm to ECE Mini-Grant Project with DPH. She will be overseeing and assisting early childcare centers with a CSA food box program and establishing garden beds for vegetable and fruit production. Zania co-coordinates the CT Farm to ECE Taskforce and serves on the New England Farm to ECE Project Steering Committee and the CT Department of Agriculture Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Access to Secure Land Tenure. She is the co-founder of Micro2Life farm with her partner.

Emmanuel Marte

Emmanuel Marte

Communication Specialist

Emmanuel brings a background in nutrition education, farming, and technical computer skills. Contact Emmanuel if you desire to shout out your farm-to-school efforts on social media. Emmanuel is responsible for running Tray's social media platforms and the Tray webpage. He is eager to help Tray reach a broader audience of farm-to-school supporters. Also, don't hesitate to contact him if you have questions or need guidance on shouting out Tray.

Jiff Martin

Jiff Martin

Sustainable Food Systems Educator
Phone: (860) 870-6932

Jiff brings a background of coalition building and collaborating across sectors to build sustainable food systems in the state of Connecticut and across the Northeast.

Contact Jiff Martin, the Extension Educator and backbone of the Tray Program with any questions regarding UConn Extension Collaboration. She can help you understand where to go to get the resources you need within the UConn Extension network across Connecticut.

Shannon Raider Ginsburg

Shannon Raider-Ginsburg

Special Projects Coordinator/Farmer Liaison

Shannon brings a background in farming, teaching, and bringing people together around local food.

Contact Shannon Raider-Ginsburg,for help locating farmers, or to be added to the Tray farmer directory or join CTFarmtoSchoolMarketplace-L listserv, which is a place for food service directors and growers to connect. Shannon can also help Food Service Directors better understand the needs of growers. Shannon is available to help farmers connect to schools and schools connect to farmers.

Sherlene Rodriguez

Sherlene Rodriguez

Farm to School Specialist

Sherlene Rodriguez brings a background in nutrition and gardening education, program development, and strategic, thought leadership. She is focused on developing sustainable farm-to-school initiatives in Connecticut. Contact Sherlene Rodriguez, the Farm to School Specialist, if you want to learn more about ongoing Farm to School efforts in Connecticut.