Several hard-working individuals devote a percentage of their professional time guiding and implementing our program. People step in and out of various roles depending on the availability of funding for initiatives and the seasonal nature of the work. 
Together we strive to connect schools to farms and farmers to schools:

Molly Deegan, Program Co-Coordinator
Phone: (203) 824-7175
E-mail Molly

Molly brings a background of working with food service to build out a vision for farm to school programming. She has experience in implementing projects, organizational development, reporting, hands on education, and event coordination.

Molly can assist you with any question you may have about the Tray Program including what it entails, what you want to see more of, what would be helpful for you to get local product in school cafeterias. Feel free to call or email her and she will do her best to connect you to the right people or resources. Molly is available for any questions or requests regarding the Tray Program.

Shannon Raider-Ginsburg,Farmer Liaison
Phone: (860) 318-6813
E-mail Shannon

Shannon brings a background in farming, teaching, and bringing people together around local food. 

Contact Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, Farmer Liaison for help locating farmers, or to be added to the Tray farmer directory or join CTFarmtoSchoolMarketplace-L listserv, which is a place for food service directors and growers to connect. Shannon can also help Food Service Directors better understand the needs of growers.  Shannon is available to help farmers connect to schools and schools connect to farmers. 

Jiff Martin, Sustainable Food Systems Educator
Phone: (860) 870-6932

Jiff brings a background of coalition building and collaborating across sectors to build sustainable food systems in the state of Connecticut and across the Northeast. 

Contact Jiff Martin, the Extension Educator and backbone of the Tray Program with any questions regarding UConn Extension Collaboration. She can help you understand where to go to get the resources you need within the UConn Extension network across Connecticut.  

Chelsey Hahn, Program Co-Coordinator
Phone: 413-535-5524
E-mail Chelsey

Chelsey brings a background in Public Health and has a life-long passion for education, health and the environment. Chelsey has joined our team in Winter 2019 to help expand our capacity, recruit more districts, and develop new materials. 

Chelsey is responsible for managing print materials, communications (the newsletter, social media, press releases, assistance on reporting, etc.) Contact Chelsey for assistance regarding sign ups, our print resources, or questions about outreach about the program. 

Catherine Hallisey, FoodCorps Connecticut Program Coordinator
Dawn Crayco, FoodCorps Connecticut Program Director

Catherine and Dawn partner with the Tray Program at UConn Extension to collaborate and connect FoodCorps programming to resources being created. To learn more about FoodCorps, please visit their website or be in touch directly with Catherine or Dawn regarding any questions pertaining to FoodCorps service members. 

Along with FoodCorps Connecticut, the UConn Extension team works closely with the Connecticut State Department of Education's Department of Child Nutrition to keep the program alive and growing. To learn more about the resources available from the CSDE, please visit their webpage with farm to school resources. 


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