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The work of Put Local on Your Tray is to increase accessibility and the amount of  CT grown food in school cafeterias and to early care providers. We do this as part of a broader effort to make high quality meals universally available to all children. We understand that this goal is not possible without dismantling racism in our food, agricultural and educational systems. We cannot reasonably hope to succeed without acknowledging where we have neglected this in the past and how we commit to changing as we move forward. We are committed to transforming our network with new partnerships with Native American-led organizations and communities, while shifting power to engage in authentic relationships with BIPOC leadership. Special thanks to our partner, Dawn M. Spears, who contributed to the creation of this new campaign and the resources provided below.

We offer these resources to share more accurately about Native foodways and the people who were first here. These resources are meant to raise awareness in non-native school communities. Educators should be mindful of cultural appropriation and understand that Native students may experience lessons differently.  

As we develop this offering please share any constructive feedback, comments and additional resources. Contact Campaigns Coordinator, Abigail DuBois.

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Dawn M. Spears

Dawn M. Spears (Narragansett) is the Director of the Northeast Indigenous Arts Alliance (NIAA).  For more than twenty-five years Dawn has worked to support Indigenous arts as an artist, educator, demonstrator, and organizer. Visit Dawn's Website

Artist Statement: I try to capture the vibrant colors of our natural world; they are my inspiration along with my appreciation of the symbolism within our indigenous culture. I enjoy opportunities that allow us to share our work and give us space to be able to dispel the myths and stereotypes that our people have endured.

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Learn more about the land we live, work and play on and the people who lived and still live there at

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