Rooting for Winter! 2019

This is an invite to celebrate! This winter, we encourage you to feature a local root vegetable as a sample item or on the menu. The root vegetable graphics we have in our suite include carrots, beets, and potatoes.


Feature any of these items from a local source, and you are rootin' for winter. Simple as that. It can be a big or small event, whatever you feel is fitting!
(Oh, and don't forget to tell us about it.)

Need an extra hand? Want our help with promoting your feature? 
Fill out the submission form to tell us about your event after it happened, OR to tell us what you have planned so we can reach out if you need any assistance.

Need help finding a farm to source from directly?

  • Visit our farmer's directory page!
  • Contact our team's Farmer Liaison, Shannon at and she can connect you to the right resource.
  • Email the CTFarmtoSchool Marketplace ListServ!
    • If you are part of the program, then you are automatically enrolled in this listserv.

      This platform is a great way to connect directly to growers who are interested in selling their products to schools. Now is the time to connect - the winter, when growers are not as busy as in the summer months. Utilize this resource to be connected and serve up some awesome, delicious, loving meals to your students.

Need graphics to download? Recipes? Facts? Community newsletter templates? 
Visit our Carrots page, Potatoes page, or Beets page and explore the resources.

Any other questions?
Send them on over to the Program Coordinator, Molly, at

Please let us know what you are up to in efforts to Root for Winter! Survey is right here!  🙂 

The following schools are ROOTing for Winter! 

  • Bolton Public Schools
  • East Hartford Public Schools