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Check out this FoodCorps Connecticut and Norwalk Public Schools @norwalkpublicschools story about the new fresh fruit and vegetable program. One way Foodcorps members support local is by hosting taste tests for in-season veggies in their schools.

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Have leftover turkey? Grab some sweet potatoes from your local farm and try this recipe from Old Saybrook Schools for a twist on turkey and potatoes.

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Apples are still in season (since they are so good at storage) and there is something special about warm homemade applesauce on a cold windy New England day.

With the added ginger in this (which you can also buy from a local CT farm) you can warm right up!

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Steve Munno is the leader of the crew at @massaro_farmers and just celebrated a birthday!!!!
He and his team faithfully work their 10 acres of organic produce to sell to the community, to schools, AND on top of all that, donate to local food pantries!

With a mission statement of “Keep Farming. Feed People. Build Community.” it makes sense they want everyone to have access to some local healthy veggies from their farm!

Find out about more farmers that sell to schools here:

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Butternut squash is the perfect fall crop- making rich comforting recipes that fill you up as the months start to get a little colder. Give this fun hummus recipe a try to get your kids chomping away on veggies at home.

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