Sign Up for SY 2019-20!

Click here for a brief rundown of the program first.

To officially join the Tray program, a school food service department must take the Put Local on Your Tray pledge each school year - agreeing to source, serve and celebrate locally sourced ingredients.

Anyone may use our free downloadable online resources associated with the program even if your food service department isn’t ready to sign up for the program. If you are a teacher, parent, nurse, FoodCorps Service Member, or other school community member and want to use our resources for your farm to school activities, please contact Molly Deegan at!

Are you a food service professional? Get listed on the map of Tray Districts signed up in the program!
Please click below if you intend to feature local ingredients in the cafeteria for the *2019-20 school year:
*If you sign up after 6/30/2019, we ask you please notify of your submission. Materials can only be guaranteed to those who sign up before June 30, 2019. 

For a brief overview of all the basic Tray materials and services, please visit our Resources Offered Page.

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