Stay Tuned for School Year 2023-2024 Sign-Ups: Coming This Spring

farmer harvesting lettuce, serving apple slices, girls eating lunch

We are excited to introduce a new menu of choices for you to design a farm to school plan that suits your capacity and appetite. Think of it as designing either an ‘a la carte’ menu, light meal or full blown 5-course feast. Joining Put Local on Your Tray is about energizing your ideas and choices to match your commitment to the depth of your resources.

If you are looking for support, resources and community in serving locally grown fruits, vegetables and dairy then please join us and make the Local Tray Pledge.

Serving local can look like:

  • Select specific schools in your district to participate. Start with what you can manage and grow from there.

  • Taste Tests - feature specific products at a scale you can handle. Take on what you can!

  • Participate in our Seasonal Campaigns -Rooting for Winter, The Great Smoothie Slurp, Dip into Summer, and It's Crunch Time!

  • Offer a Bonus menu item- outside the meal plan. Pair With seasonal festivals, holidays, celebrating cultural heritage or working with a bumper crop purchase.


The Pledge sign-up for the 2022-2023 school year is currently closed. Please reach out to Abby at with any questions regarding the Put Local On Your Tray Pledge any/or about ordering materials!

What you get when you join