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To officially join the Tray program, a school food service department must take the Put Local on Your Tray pledge each school year - agreeing to source, serve and celebrate locally sourced ingredients.

Anyone may use our free downloadable online resources associated with the program even if your food service department isn’t ready to sign up for the program. If you are a teacher, parent, nurse, FoodCorps Service Member, or other school community member and want to use our resources for your farm to school activities, please complete our materials request form, and we will send you what you need while supplies last!


The Tray Program Pledge: My school district agrees to source and menu and/or taste test featured Put Local on Your Tray products from a local grower at least twice per season(s) of your choice - in Fall (September - November), Winter (December-March), Spring (April-June), Summer (July-August).  We will complete the end of year survey, and will share our experience by contributing at least one item (such as a recipe for cafeteria or home, photo from an event, success story, etc.) to Put Local on Your Tray either directly or via the seasonal Brag Sheets.

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For a brief overview of all the basic Tray materials and services, please visit our Resources Offered Page.