ROOTing For Social Media

ROOTing for Social Media

Social Media - ROOTing for Winter!


SAMPLE TEXT: Here we’ve put together some sample text to help you get the word out about your ROOTing for Winter activities throughout the winter! Remember to ALWAYS use photos or videos that you have permission to use (especially if they include students!) Using emojis is another fun way to make your posts stand out! 

Please tag @PutLocalOnYourTray on Facebook and Instagram!

School newsletter:

    • ____ [school district] is ROOTing for winter! We will be trying new roots to celebrate food that comes from underground this winter so keep your eye on our calendar to make sure you get to try some samples!


    • General Post: We’re participating in ROOTing for Winter! We’re serving up #local, #fresh, #CTgrown roots in our school meals in January and February to celebrate storage crops in the winter. We sure do #heartCTgrown!
    • Promoting a specific ROOTing for Winter event: Join us in ROOTing for Winter by eating some local _____ this week at ___ site on ___day! We’ll be doing _________(activity) as a part of Roasted or Raw Challenge. Winter is here and we’re happy to be supporting #CTfarmers, and learning #healthyhabits because we #heartCTgrown! 


    • Hey @CTFarmToSchool, we’re celebrating #local at [school or district name]__ site in [town]___today serving #local, #fresh ____ (type of roots) from ___ farm!


    • Create your own caption, using these great hashtags!: #ROOTing4Winter #ROOTingForWinter, #RoastedOrRaw, #heartCTgrown, #CTlocal, #FarmToSchool, #CTGrown