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Other Procurement Resources…

Finding local produce and making sure you follow USDA procurement guidelines isn’t an easy task, so we’ve pulled together some tools to make it simpler for you to purchase locally for your school district.

Connecticut Farm Fresh Menu Planning Calendar: Check out what's in season and what vegetable subgroup it belongs to. Download it and hang it up on your refrigerator to remind yourself what's fresh and locally ready for you and your students. Even better - plan your menu ahead using this tool and work with a local farmer to do so!

Download the PDF version of Farm Fresh Menu Planning Subgroup Calendar here!

Using the Micro Purchase Threshold: This tool explains how to use the micro purchase threshold for procuring local summer produce. It also provides a worksheet to help you keep accurate records for your review.

New London Public Schools Taste Test Guide: New to taste testing in schools? Try one today, and feel free to get a Tray team member to help you out on the day of, or in planning! To plan, refer to this guide made by Lucy Lyman, School Garden Coordinator, New London Public Schools.

VT Guide to Taste Testing In Schools: An awesome resource with that covers the in and outs of setting up a local taste testing day in your cafeteria. Completely free download with an email address. Highly recommended!

What is Put Local on Your Tray and how does it work? How do I activate Farm to School? Download this info sheet here. 

CT FARM TO SCHOOL MARKETPLACE LISTSERV! Get in contact with growers looking to sell to you on our Listserv for local procurement in schools.
Sign up by emailing Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, our Farmer Liaison for Put Local on Your Tray at: All districts who sign up for the 2018-19 schoolyear will be automatically enrolled in this listserv unless otherwise noted.

Seasonal Calendar: Check out what's growing in CT - this seasonal calendar shows what to expect easily available from CT growers year round. Available by request from the Tray team - or print out right here! Great for educational and planning purposes!

"There's Local In Me" Tag Cards: Have something out on the line that you want to promote as local to students? Print out or request a booklet of these 5X7 colorful cards where you can advertise the farm you supported, and educate students on food systems at the same time - all while making your school cafeteria a more inviting, colorful place!

Farm Fresh Specifications Planning Template: Mary Ann Lopez, our Procurement  Specialist, put together this guide of what you might be looking for when going out to look for growers with specific products in mind. This form may be more effective if used in compliment with the What’s Growing in CT? Seasonal Planning for K-12 School Menus and the materials provided in the Cycle Menus for Farm Fresh Products for School Lunch Programs.

Archived Resources from Our Summer 2017 Local Squash Campaign can be found here!

Have questions? Talk with our Procurement Specialist! Email Mary Ann

This project was funded by the John Merck Fund.