Procurement Resources

For general information about how the Put Local On Your Tray program works, we've put together a helpful pdf for you to use as a reference : Download this info sheet here. 

Below are some more great resources we have created for schools to use, but keep your eyes open for Other Resources Coming Soon!

Seasonal Calendar: Check out what's growing in CT - this seasonal calendar shows what to expect easily available from CT growers year round. Available by request from the Tray team - or print out right here! Great for educational and planning purposes!

"There's Local In Me" Tag Cards: Have something out on the line that you want to promote as local to students? Print out or request a booklet of these 5X7 colorful cards where you can advertise the farm you supported, and educate students on food systems at the same time - all while making your school cafeteria a more inviting, colorful place!