CT Farm to School Farmer Directory

CT Farm to School Farmer’s Directory

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For any questions, or to request an E-introduction, please contact our Farmer Liaison, Shannon, at sales.putlocalonyourtray@gmail.com.
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Become a Listed Farm, Find a Farm

To be added to the Farmer’s Directory for school food service directors, please complete this survey so we can add you into our interactive map and data base below.

Contact our farmer liaison, Shannon Raider-Ginsburg, with any questions at sales.putlocalonyourtray@gmail.com.

She can help you out with questions such as:

– How to become a listed farm

– Where the closest farm might be with the product you are looking for

– How to connect with a food service director

– How to understand the needs of a grower

– How to use the Farm to School Marketplace Listserv

– Understand seasonality of CT crops

Reach out and she will be happy to help connect you to the right resources!

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