Tools for Direct Purchasing

  • The FarmtoSchoolMarketplace Listserv: for Farmers and School Food Professionals to connect directly. The purpose of this list is to facilitate the sale of agricultural products that become available as the season dictates. For more information, check out this page.
  • Staff Assistance! Tray Farmer Liaison:Looking for a farm to connect to but feeling overwhelmed? Contact Shannon Raider-Ginsburg for assistance at sales.putlocalonyourtray@gmail.comand she can help you out 1-on-1 connect to a grower in your area.
  • HeartCTGrown: For everyone to use! Check out this site of farms, farm stands, pick your own operations, and farmer’s markets in each county if you’re simply looking for a farm to visit or purchase from yourself. Like HeartCTGrown onFacebook, too!
  • Farmers Market Trail: Check out the site(or theirFacebook page) for a few options of farmer’s markets to visit or sign up for the newsletter for some updates on the markets listed as part of the trail. We encourage anyone to get to a market to meet some farmers, ask some questions, and get some fresh and delicious food that supports a family in your community!


Understanding Local Procurement

  • Using the Micro Purchase Threshold.pdf.pdf.pdf: This tool explains how to use the micro purchase threshold for procuring local  produce. It also provides a worksheet to help you keep accurate records for your review.
  • Local Foods Procurement Decision Tree: Not sure whether you should use a micro-purchase, informal, or formal bid process to purchase your local produce this fall? Check this out. 
  • Procurement Tutorials: Mary Ann Lopez, a former FSD, made these short introductory videos to the ins and outs of buying local for your school cafeteria. Check them out!
  • Check out our Tools and Resources page, where you will find these documents and more!

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