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Apple Pear Crunch Video

To bring our community together, when we are not able to hold events as we have in the past, we are implementing a virtual social media challenge using self-made videos.

These videos will give community members and leaders an opportunity to be part of the broader community movement to support Farm to School during COVID-19, highlighting the important role of the school nutrition department and area farmers.

To make/participate in the Apple Pear Crunch Video Challenge, follow these instructions. #eatfresh, #crunch, #FarmToSchool, #CTGrown

CT Grown For CT Kids Week Promotional Language

      October 5-9 is CT Grown for CT Kids Week, which is the highlight of Farm to School month in October for Connecticut.  We are looking to celebrate our connections between students and local food, share our farm to school stories, and show gratitude to our school nutrition and farmer heroes providing essential services during these pandemic times. 

In celebration of CT Grown for CT Kids Week, we are asking schools, educators, early care sites, and community partners across CT to invite students and families, elected officials, and other decision-makers to share social media posts and videos surrounding our local crop of Connecticut Grown apples and pears. 


Draft Newsletter Text

If you would like to promote the event through your newsletter, please feel free to share the below text: 

October 5th-9th is CT Grown for CT Kids Week!  Since we’re celebrating (mostly) virtually this year, take a short video clip of yourself with your phone showing us how you crunch into your fruit, why you think farm to school is important, and taking a bite out of a local CT grown Pear or Apple!

Use the hashtags #applepearcrunch #crunchchallenge and #ctgrownforctkids on social media! For more activities, recipes, and to find local apples visit: 

Social Media Messaging

Feel free to use these texts and links to promote on social media. Please include the below hashtags with any post you feel is appropriate:
#applepearcrunch #applecrunch #howdoyoucrunch #crunchchallenge #ctgrownforctkids #crunchon

Longer Social Media posts:
What is CT Grown for CT Kids Week? Taking place the first week of October in Connecticut, this week aims to celebrate and support local agriculture, public education, and our community commitment to the importance of healthy nutritious meals in schools. Join us in celebrating!

To celebrate CT Grown for CT Kids Week, and Farm to School Month, we challenge you to take the Apple & Pear Crunch by eating a Connecticut grown apple or pear to the core! Take a picture of yourself, or a video, show us how you crunch and post it on social media! For more activities, recipes, and to find local apples/pears near you go to

Did you know that pears have been growing in CT since the 1600s? This traditional New England fruit has many different varieties but they all provide some of the same great nutritional benefits. Pears are high in fiber, full of essential antioxidants, with plenty of vitamin C and K! Check out for activities and more. Show us how you crunch your #CTpear and eat it down to the core!

Did you know that there are over 60 varieties of apples grown in CT alone? Each apple packs a nutritional punch with loads of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, and a range of different antioxidants. From Cortland to Honeycrisp to Granny Smith, each apple brings its own flavor and texture making them great for a variety of uses. Check out for recipes and pick up some local apples to show us how you crunch!

For all Social Media

For all Social Media:

Will you accept the challenge? It's time for the HardCORE Apple and Pear Cruch and we're asking YOU to crunch your way to the core! Take a look at this website for all the ways that you, your school, and your community can celebrate.

Get ready to crunch! Join us in celebrating CT Grown to CT kids week with your apples and pears on October 5th-9th!

Are you a teacher looking for creative ways to integrate CT Grown for CT Kids Week into the classroom? Sign up here to get access to an exclusive teacher packet that includes a video and activities you can integrate into your lesson plans!

We all have unique ways of eating our apples and pears! Show us how you crunch by taking a video of yourself biting into a #CTpear or #CTapple and passing the challenge on to a friend! Remember to use the hashtag #applepearcrunch and share, because that's "how we crunch!"

Celebrate our local heroes - school nutrition professionals and farmers - during #CTGrownforCTKids week!
October 5-9 is #CTGrownforCTKids week! Find resources & ideas for celebrating.
Make some noise and CRUNCH with us October 5-9 to celebrate #CTGrownforCTKids week! Share your celebration and #Applepearcrunch on social media!
Add a local foods to your menu this October to celebrate #CTGrownforCTKids week!
Interested in serving an all local meal during #CTGrownforCTKids week? Find farms at
Celebrating #CTGrownforCTKids week at home? Cook a meal together using local foods like apples and pears! Learn more at
Are local foods on your menu to celebrate CT Grown for CT Kids Week, October 5-9? Share your photos and videos using #CTGrownforCTKids !