Procurement Tutorials

Welcome to our series of short recorded webinars you can access anytime to learn more about local procurement! These online trainings were created and recorded by our very own Tray team Procurement Specialist, Mary Ann Lopez. Email Mary Ann for questions, comments, concerns at

She has recorded short, easy-to-follow tutorials on the how-to’s of local sourcing for your cafeteria. There are five tutorials in the series, with the goal of making local procurement a more tangible goal for you and your team serving the schools in your district.

By the end of the five videos, you should feel equipped to make in some way, small or large, a step towards procuring and marketing locally sourced products for your schools and getting the credit you deserve for doing so! Please reach out to us with questions, or input on any topics you would like to see expanded upon in the future, or a heads up that you completed watching the tutorials. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy!

This project was made possible by the John Merck Fund.