Rooting for Winter! 2020

You can root for winter all season long and join our Roasted or Raw campaign the last 2 weeks of January, 20-Feb 1. We want you to VOTE, "Roasted or Raw" as you Root for Local CT Roots!  In these two weeks we challenge you to source, savor and share out your local root tasting experiences. 

Find Local Roots!

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  • Find farms with roots to sell
  • Use the farmer directory to search for farms near you
  • Find tools to connect directly with farms

Eat your Roots!

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  • Find root recipes
  • Learn more about roots
  • Find materials to promote roots

Spread the word!

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  • Get tools to help you celebrate winter crops
  • Find sample social media language
  • Download editable promotional materials 


Find a farm to source from directly!

  • Email the CTFarmtoSchool Marketplace ListServ!
    • If you are part of the program, then you are automatically enrolled in this listserv.This platform is a great way to connect directly to growers who are interested in selling their products to schools. Now is the time to connect - the winter, when growers are not as busy as in the summer months. Utilize this resource to be connected and serve up some awesome, delicious, loving meals to your students.